Free Resource for Portrait Photographers Who Want More Freedom + Income
There are 3 important choices every boutique photographer needs to make to create a solid foundation for your business so it doesn’t fall apart around you. 
In this starter kit you’ll make these 3 foundational choices. 

What’s My Ideal Business & Life Look Like? 

If you’ve been trying this photography thing for years and haven’t quite gotten it right, it’s probably because you’ve been shoving together pieces of a puzzle that don’t go together. We’ll first get you crystal clear on what you WANT your business to look like.

Who Is My Ideal Client?

I’m a big believer that you can’t reach a goal if you aren’t clear what you are aiming at. And since boutique clients have different values and often times look different than a shoot and burn client, you need to be clear what you’re looking for. So let’s do that.

What Products Will I Offer?

There are 3 types of products you can offer boutique clients. We’ll go into those and pick which is the best product type for your business to maximize your client orders. 
With a camera in my hand and 3 kiddos at my feet, I hit 6 figures as photographer for the first time EVER
18 years ago…
And since then, I’ve sold over $3 million of my photography, working very part-time as a photographer so I can put #familyfirst as a mom to 3 teenagers.
I live in a middle of a cornfield so if I can do this, you can do this, too!
This starter kit will show you how I made room for more profit and more freedom in my photography business, by focusing on a simple business model most photographers don’t realize exists.
I hope this inspires you to follow your photography dreams,
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